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Mobile presets installation guide

Please read for the smoothest installation.

STEP 1 - Download apps

A) Lightroom CC

B) Zip Extractor

If you own a Samsung, you will NOT need the Zip Extractor, your phone can open the files directly & download Lightroom CC on your own device, this link here is connected to the apple app store.

STEP 2 - Unzip the Presets

Tap the folder in email and select top right 'share' Icon.

Scroll and Select Zip Extractor.

 Now in Zip Extractor select the info icon and 'extract'.

STEP 3 - Importing into Lightroom 

Select info icon. Tap open in. Scroll to select Lightroom.

STEP 4 - Importing Presets

Tap 3 dots top right-hand corner. Then select create preset.  

Add the 'Preset Name' eg. Salty, Sultry, etc.

Optional - Create a 'Preset Group' when adding the first preset to create one folder to store these in one place. As you continue to add the remaining presets use this preset group.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all presets have been imported into Lightroom. 

Step 5 - How to Edit

Open the Lightroom app. Select bottom right blue 'import photo' icon and select images to import.

 Select a photo from 'All photos' and scroll to 'presets' at bottom and choose your preferred edit.

Step 6: Export photos for the Gram.

Once you are happy with the image select 'Share' icon in top right corner and select 'save to camera roll'.